What Are the Stages of Web Design?

If you are a web designer, then you must know by now that web design is a process which can be divided into four stages. But do not get confused. These stages are not actually defined in the technical sense of the word. Each stage has its own meaning in the context of seattle website designs.

The first stage of using a seattle SEO agency is the conceptualization stage. This is where the layout and the visual elements of the website are being planned and created. Everything has to be carefully planned, from the colors used, the texts that will be used, to the pictures that will be used in the website. This is the stage where the website’s objective and the main theme of the website are being conceptualized. Conceptualizing is often considered as the initial step in website designing.

The second stage of web design is the planning phase. Here, the website designers work on the most suitable formats for the website. It is important for the websites to be viewed in all popular web browsers, with appropriate size and with the most common layout. Then the web designers proceed with the content development or the redesigning of the website. When this is done, the website is more likely to be functional and will produce a better conversion rate if you’re looking to market the website using PPC seattle.

The third stage of the web design process deals with the optimization of the website. It is during this stage where the contents of the website are optimized so that they will be accessed easily by people using search engines. Usually the process of optimizing web pages involves several techniques like the use of meta tags, use of keywords in the title, keyword density in the body of text, the use of image maps, and other similar techniques. You can use a seattle copywriting agency to help optimize this page of your website. Optimization is often considered as one of the most important aspects in website design.

The final stage of the web design process deals with conversion of the website to a live web site. In short, it is where the site is made ready to be used. This can be achieved through testing the site by visitors who are visiting the website. This stage also involves making the website user-friendly. Testing the website often helps in identifying any usability issues that may have not been noticed during the development phase.

Overall, the four stages of web design are essential to keep a website up to date. It is during this stage where a lot of changes are made to the website. A lot of new features are also introduced. Keeping up to date with these four stages will ensure that the website looks as good as possible at all times.